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So dry….

I started writing this on Saturday morning, early, even before the sun rises in the sleepy hills of Kentucky. The kiln is firing and the cats are being wild. Aside from the occasional hiss or growl though, the only sounds are the water fountains and the click click of the kiln elements heating up. I find I’m struck with a profound sadness, reading an article where William Shatner went to space and speaks of the death of our planet. I know it to be true and the inability to do anything outside of the little things that seem to not even be relevant, recycling, not being wasteful, cautiously spending, as well as cautiously and thoughtfully creating… Is frustrating at best. Irony in someone creating ceramics to sell online and shipping worldwide saying these things? Perhaps. In a consumer driven society, groceries still have to be purchased, cat food and bills still have to be provided and paid for. I tell myself, at least ceramic products are sustainable and reusable. They serve a purpose. It’s also something I’m passionate about, so that helps the justification. I’m not here to sell anything to you. I’m just having a conversation with myself essentially. The overwhelming sadness was just so much and I needed to voice it. A friend sent me the image and quote a few days ago and it’s relevant in my mind. I’ll try to be more upbeat in my next post.

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